The Lovely Mrs. L. Fighting Cancer!
Producer and co-host with Richie L. on the cutting edge, online, Christian talk radio show, Christian Talk That Rocks 

Bold, curvey, (you don't have to be 5' 8'' and 105 lbs. to be pretty. Just look at Belinda's pics!) and
beautiful, opinionated, speaks her mind, and has a heart as big as the Appalachian Mountains of her native home of Virginia, is a great way to describe Belinda Laxton aka "The Lovely Mrs. L." as her husband Richie L. has dubbed her. Belinda is a lover of Jesus, the Bible, her kids, her hubby, her family, The Constitution and the good ol' USA. in that order.

She is a true friend to those that know her and a mysterious angel of light that shines out the love
of God in those dark places. She always remembers that God hates the sin, yet loves the sinner.
Belinda is not traditional in her thinking about Christianity-"Church is who you are, not where you
go," is one of her favorite quotes. Yet, she embraces Christian orthodoxy with a passion. She is a
country girl at heart, but "Goth" in her soul. She never runs from the darkness. She penetrates it
with the love of Christ.

Apart from producing and co-hosting on Christian Talk That Rocks, she is a trained Medical
Assistant, and a former EMT Tech. She has witnessed first hand the suffering side of life and has
been an "Angel of Mercy" to those in need. She has overcome many heartaches and troubles in
her life like so many other women. Compassion and empathy fill her heart.

So, take some time to get to know this wonderful, REAL woman with the "Southern Drawl" and
you will indeed fall in love with "The Lovely Mrs. L." 

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